Thursday, January 6, 2011

Establishing the Rules

I started this blog not long ago. My goal is to chronicle as many memories of my life as I can remember before I get too old and I forget them all. Along the journey I will elaborate on many of the events in my life as I remember them and discuss how they made me who I am today…and who I have been during my life. I am sure some of the events will be hilarious to onlookers and some will just be sad. Understand that these are my perceptions of events that I believe happened to me. It doesn’t mean they are true, real or that they ever even happened. I am 45 years old as of this writing. Things that happened when I was three are pretty blurry. Things that happened yesterday are pretty blurry too. Ah, the aging process in action. Many of our memories are combinations of reality, dreams, embellishments and external information given by others. I may tell a story about someone and that person may have an entire different memory even though we shared the same earthly reality. But the true reality is our own perception of the world around us. It doesn’t have to be based on truth. I just have to believe that it happened as I replay it in my head.

I don’t have much of a filter. I don’t want one. I will say offensive things. I will tell stories that may be hurtful. I will speak directly to you like you are right in front of me. There will be naughty words tho profanity isn’t really part of what makes me tick. There will be anger and resentment. There will be hilarity. But all of it will be me. As I am now. As I type the words. I surely will repeat myself many times. I may drum up a memory that corrects or erases something that happened in another story. It happens. To all of us.

I won’t bother with complete punctuation. Or being politically correct. Or really correct in any way. Whatever the computer corrects is what you get. Yes I am well educated and can write very well. However it doesn’t sound like me if it is all edited. I may use some texting abbreviations. BFD. If you read this and are offended or put off by something I have to say then quit reading or just keep it to yourself. And no whiners. I’m the only whiner allowed here. Go whine in your own blog. LOL. Feel free to comment unless you are just picking a fight. I don’t want to argue some point that may not even be real. If you have a memory of me you want to share then feel free to jump on in. I may take it and run with my own version. I don’t bite. Wait. I don’t leave marks. Wait…well, just be careful.

There will be a lot of people included in these writings. I will keep to first names if I can remember them or I will use a descriptive if I cant remember a name. If the material is potentially damaging I will use a fake name. If you lived the event then you will know it was you. I don’t have this blog as an excuse to yell at people or to hurt anyone. It’s just an outlet for my biological hard drive and a window into my own little universe.

So….here we go down the rabbit hole. Good luck to you. Remember that I am not responsible for your nightmares. Only mine.

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