Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late Night With Great Scott

My career has no set work schedule and often requires me to be available late into the night. I absolutely relish the world between about midnite and 4 am. It's like having the whole world to yourself. It's quiet. And slow. And you don't have to share. As long as you don't get hungry and need a favorite restaurant to scratch a particular itch. Then it blows.

I stepped on one of my daughters toes recently. Figuratively. Even your kids don't need your opinion all the time. I'm a fixer of problems. It's my DNA. It's just what I do. But most people don't want their problems fixed and if they do they will ask. That's a difficult lesson to learn and re-learn. Sit quietly. Keep your mouth shut. Answer only when asked upon. It's a first grade lesson that I often forget. And then I feel bad when I do it.

I made about 3/5 of a Perry the Platypus costume for my kid tonite. And loved every second of it.

1 comment:

  1. First: Im jealous that you didn't make ME a Perry costume.
    Second: Im sure we all (my siblings and I) understand that it's kind of your job to give your opinion and try to fix things. Also, up until this point in my life, it's basically been a requirement. So, we understand why you give your opinion and try to fix things when you aren't needed/wanted. Im sure we can forgive you. :)
    love <3