Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virgin Territory

Ok. I'm taking my first baby step in blogging. I have many family and friends who blog various topics so I understand the idea of blogging I just hadn't considered it worthy of effort. Maybe I've changed my mind. From my past blog readings it seemed that blogging was reserved for those who rant, complain and generally bitch about everything. The same folks who fill out surveys when they dislike something but never when they actually have something good to say. Now I've seen you can post myriad things and even have a chance to help some people along the way. Not to mention getting some things off your chest. I have many thoughts and ideas that never leave my frontal lobe so maybe a blog will be a kind of treasure chest of my synapse activity. Or maybe I'll just bitch about the world.

I will write about my kids. I have none of my own and four that I adore. That story will come later. I will write about my wife. Wife seems lame. Not the actual wife, just the word. It doesn't define the relationship very well. How about if my wife is not on this earth then I don't want to be here either. That sounds closer to how I feel.

I was watching Legends of the Fall earlier. There are two sources of wisdom from this movie that strike home somehow.

First is how someone can be so much larger than life and so vivacious that people are drawn uncontrollably to them only to find themselves miserable for doing so. It was described as the larger than life person being a rock and all others die beating themselves against it. In life it appears that the rock is the one causing pain but in reality it is the complete opposite. That others kill themselves trying to achieve a foothold where there is no purchase. That they burn themselves out trying to stand in the flame. Trying to follow in footsteps that swallow you whole.

Second is how sometimes a person can be like water in the crack of a great stone. The water freezes and cracks the stone. Over and over and over and over. It is neither the fault of the water any more than it is the fault of the stone. Sometimes it's just your role to be the stone or the water in a relationship. Some of the greatest are tumultuous and violent and shine brightest just before they break. And they always break.

Catch me again another day. I will share. Well, I'll try anyway.

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  1. Awwww <3, I was feeling a little blue today because Shaun's birthday is tomorrow and then I read this and it brightened my day. I love you!